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SAISEI:SERBIA - the first Japanese Immunotherapy clinic in Europe

Saisei Mirai Clinic Group was founded in Japan by Prof. Dr. Toshio Inui in 1999 and has expanded all around the world. Our mission is to innovate immunotherapy and spread its practice all over the globe to help as many people as possible. Our journey started with a clinic and cell processing center in Osaka. Today we have clinics in Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo with branches and partners in Sweden, Russia, Spain, Hawaii, Lithuania, Singapore, Australia and Serbia.

Saisei Mirai Clinics have partnered with 6 prestigious Universities and health instututions in Japan to achieve constant innovation. We are proud to offer a new angle into medicine today to provide our patients with the best medical care in the field.


Welcome to the world of SAISEI:SERBIA, an Internal Medicine Hospital specialized in Immunotherapy in the historic city of Belgrade. We provide the highest quality service and treatment for a wide range of autoimmune disorders as well as general care of your immune system. We take pride in maintaining our Japanese standard of quality in everything from the medication to patient care.

Saisei Clinic Group has experience in treating patients with a wide array of illnesses. Our moto is “do no harm”, through supporting and strengthening the natural immune response of the body, we have gained unbelievable results in treating and managing a wide array of diseases. Saisei Mirai Clinic Group Japan specializes in 2nd and 3rd generation GcMAF, immunotherapy, cancer integrative therapy, autism therapy, integrative medicine, hyper T/NK cell therapy, sonodynamic therapy, gene therapy and so on.

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